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Our mission is to bring clarity to the confusing medical field of Lyme Disease through education on diagnostic and treatment options, providing a resource for patients to connect with other patients and practitioners. We empower individuals to be their own advocate when deciding on their journey to wellness. 

MyLymescape is a community-based resource populated by people with Lyme Disease and Lyme-literate practitioners. MyLymescape offers a comprehensive guide to the many possible treatment options. Get your questions answered here and make the best decisions for your body.

/ˈlīm skāp/
the unfolding landscape of treatments, individuals, support and transformation that makes up each person’s journey from Lyme Disease to Wellness.
“Looking back on her lymescape, she was able to see how so many practitioners and patients offered information and support that helped her bring the life back into living." 

We invite you to participate in the ongoing and evolving conversations about Lyme Disease treatments and encourage you to embark on your own lymescape. 


As you know there is a great deal of confusion about Lyme Disease, especially when it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. As someone who treats Lyme patients successfully, we would greatly appreciate your voice and perspective in our effort to bring awareness, education and compassion to the MyLymescape community. Please answer the questions here


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