Advanced Cell Training

Advanced Cell Training (ACT) is a cellular behavior modification program. This simple and non-invasive healing process can be done from home by phone and internet. There are no pills, herbs, supplements, or machines involved.

We have all trained ourselves to do things such as ride a bicycle, dance, play a sport or musical instrument. This is accomplished through focus, intent and practice. It’s called muscle memory, though it is really the cells that retain the information. ACT uses the same premise and applies it to the autonomic systems of the body, including, but not limited to the immune, digestive, elimination, endocrine and respiratory systems. We believe it is actually easier to train the body to do that which it is designed to do, rather than what it was never intended to do. While playing piano and golfing is not inherent in our DNA, our immune system is. Restoring proper bodily function at the cellular level can restore homeostasis. That is when the body processes stress, removes toxins, kills pathogen (viruses, bacteria, parasites), stops overreacting to allergens, and nourishes and protects itself; restored health is the likely result. 


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