Calling for Compassionate Lyme-Literate Health Care Providers

We are seeking the help of Lyme-Literate Practitioners and Doctors!

As you know there is a great deal of confusion about Lyme Disease, especially when it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. If you treat Lyme patients successfully, we would greatly appreciate your voice and perspective in our effort to bring awareness, education and compassion to the MyLymescape community.

MyLymescape is building a pan-medical system resource on diagnostics and treatments for Lyme patients. By brining together a collective of practitioners and doctors from all systems of medicine and healing we provide patients with clarity and empowerment on their journey to wellness. 

By answering the following questions and allowing us to share the information, you will help many find their path to health and their path to you. Practitioners will have the option to join the Lyme-Literate Index, so patients many connect with you. 

Additionally, we would appreciate you passing this along to your colleagues who treat Lyme Disease. By having more informed voices in the Lyme conversation we can shift the discourse from fear to empowerment.

Please answer these questions.

Self Care

Sillouets Yoga.jpg

Loving and caring for myself, in particular the body that I have resented and judged most of my life, is an area I struggle in and also the area, which brings me the most healing. Through introspection I have seen some of my demons. What I have discovered is that, more so than the Lyme or any co-infection, I am what prevents me from getting better. 

To get a little personal, I did not like my body, I did not think I was smart enough, and I did not like the person I was. There was a lot of self-hate within me. So, the way I treated my body reflected that, especially the way I talked to myself. Why would my body get better, when it was resented and bashed? In a sense my body was fulfilling the image I held of it.

Once aware of this tendency, I started small. I decided to listen to how I talked to myself, (e.g. you really should be able to hold plank longer), while I practiced Sun Salutations in the morning. At first I really beat myself up. I saw that when I would talk down to myself, I would feel more frustration throughout the day, for example. As I persisted with the quick 5-10 minute practice, I stopped caring about how my practice looked to the invisible audience. I started appreciating myself for moving my body, breathing and centering myself every morning. Feelings of gratitude and health started to flow through my thoughts!

There are many ways to love and care for yourself, this is one example. I suggest you pick something small to start with. Combine awareness with the activity and transformation will come. 

Be patient. Be honest. And open the door for love to come in.

This is the practice I do each morning. Starting with number 1 (the person in red), I hold each pose for about 10 seconds, slowly breathing in and out. You can go through the poses once or as many times as you like! I keep my focus on whatever is popping up, but with the intention to keep my focus on my breath and body.

If the poses are not in the cards for you, spend time breathing and in self-awareness. 

Most important, SIMLE and have fun with it. Play and enjoy your body. Enjoy what you are capable of, no matter what it is!

Kapha Season

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 4.11.07 PM.png

Has anyone felt the energy drain of spring? I have been having a hard time getting up in the morning and keeping my energy up throughout the day. In Ayurvedic terms this is called Kapha season and it lasts from March to June. During this time you might have some of these symptoms in excess: feeling cold, cough, allergies, congestion, flu, fatigue, depression, weight gain.

This is the time to really watch what you eat:

  • Eat more foods that are Pungent (Spicy), Bitter, Astringent / Light, Dry, Warm (like steamed veggies, brothy soups, brown rice)
  • Eat less foods that are Sweet, Sour, Salty / Heavy, Cold, Oily (like fried foods, ice cream, heavy dairy)

Also, exercising in the morning and nourishing yourself with daily self-care practices is a must! Don't let the stagnation and heaviness bring you down!

If this resonated with you, check out some more in-depth information.