Tapping Into the Immune System


Literally...Today, I got my once a month IV treatment at the West Clinic. I go for maintenance purposes, to keep my immune system strong and help me fight viruses and bacteria that come into my body's field.

Some of the relapse stories I have heard from Lyme patients that were once in remission are due to an infection (like Strep or the Flu) that takes them down...and unfortunately this is just what the Lyme bacteria are waiting for.

My cocktail today consisted of one diluted hydrogen peroxide bag followed by an immune boosting bag, which is filled with 50 grams of vitamin C, zinc, amino acids, immunoglobulins and many other vitamins. 

These immune boosting IV bags have been one of the most beneficial treatments that Naturopathic Medicine has provided me on this long winding journey. 

Gotta LOVE and CARE for that Immune System!