Calling for Compassionate Lyme-Literate Health Care Providers

We are seeking the help of Lyme-Literate Practitioners and Doctors!

As you know there is a great deal of confusion about Lyme Disease, especially when it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. If you treat Lyme patients successfully, we would greatly appreciate your voice and perspective in our effort to bring awareness, education and compassion to the MyLymescape community.

MyLymescape is building a pan-medical system resource on diagnostics and treatments for Lyme patients. By brining together a collective of practitioners and doctors from all systems of medicine and healing we provide patients with clarity and empowerment on their journey to wellness. 

By answering the following questions and allowing us to share the information, you will help many find their path to health and their path to you. Practitioners will have the option to join the Lyme-Literate Index, so patients many connect with you. 

Additionally, we would appreciate you passing this along to your colleagues who treat Lyme Disease. By having more informed voices in the Lyme conversation we can shift the discourse from fear to empowerment.

Please answer these questions.