What is your Starting Point?

One of the most useful analytical tools I have been given on this journey was from Gary Blier of Advanced Cell Training. This was to track my symptoms every week. So starting today and every Tuesday here after, track your symptoms. I have been very surprised by my numbers and my patterns. It takes the guessing out and trying to remember, while providing very useful insights.

I used an Excel spreadsheet, but create for yourself whatever will be easiest for you. The first column should have all your symptoms and don't forget to include your emotional symptoms. The second column should have your number of intensity of the symptom ranging from 0 (the best) to 10 (the worst). Add a column every week (see the below example). Feel free to add a notes section to add things like: I started a new treatment, I traveled, I got sick or I was stressed out. Taking notes like these can help provide little clues into your the inner workings of your body, both the things the make you sick and the things that make you feel better.

Your symptom list can grow over time, but once you get a symptom down to a zero make sure you leave it on your chart, so you can CELEBRATE and VISUALIZE your improvements. 

Happy chart making!