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Our mission is to bring clarity to the confusing medical field of Lyme Disease through educating individuals about the wide variety of possible treatment options and offering a resource for patients to get in touch with other patients and practicioners. We enable individuals to be their own advocate when deciding on treatments and their journey to wellness. 


MyLymescape is a community-based resource created by people with Lyme Disease and their practitioners for people with Lyme Disease. We offer a comprehensive guide to the many  possible treatment options. Get your questions answered here and make the best decision for your body.


"Today Lyme Disease is the number one vector-borne infectious disease in North America, northern Europe, and temperate Asia." —Horowitz, MD



or less of people will Lyme Disease showed signs of a bull's eye rash


of individuals with Chronic Lyme Disease experience severe or very severe symptoms


of indivisuals with Chronic Lyme Disease are unable to work

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