IV Nutrient Therapy

Naturopathic medicine has reconsidered the importance of balanced nutrient levels for homeostasis in the human body. There is the saying “the body can heal itself.” The importance of this is no longer being overlook. When the bodies receives and assimilates the needed nutrients to function in its intended design, the body can heal itself, it just needs a little help. For years vitamin supplements have been rejected by the allopathic medical community, but now high doses of vitamin C have been proven to help prevent and cure cancers. Can vitamin C help people with Lyme Disease? Yes, absolutely.

Vitamin C

Most predominantly found in the citrus family, vitamin C, is being discovered for its overall health benefits and eradication of cancer. Depending on the person’s needs, vitamin C can be taken by mouth in small doses or intravenously in very high doses. The benefit of IV nutrient therapies is that they bypass the bodies digestive system thereby ensuring all of the dose ends up in the bloodstream. For those with chronic illness like Lyme disease, high doses of vitamin C can be very beneficial: